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I'd like to write some fanfic. Specifically, some slashy Sherlock & Harry Potter fic, where Sherlock is the descendant of a group/family of muggle-born witches & wizards that have avoided Hogwarts and the "mainstream" wizarding world--they use some spells, but there's a lot that they just don't learn b/c they're useless. They live in the muggle world and marry muggles and dislike the WW because of the discrimination & general silliness/stupidity, and just use their magic for the benefit of their families and communities. (Mycroft, as one might imagine, uses his for the good of the country; Sherlock uses it rarely because a) magic is illogical, usually, and b) he considers magic to be kind of cheating.)

Sally Donovan is a muggle-born, who decides the WW is full of shit & would rather deal with the bullshit microagressions of the muggle society for being a woman of color than dealing with the bullshit sanctimonious WW, which is supposed to be so much better but is still full of prejudice and entrenched caste systems etc.

John is a muggle. Sherlock doesn't care. Sherlock is, in fact, very much not caring that John is a muggle, but he cares that other people might care.

Sherlock's homeless network is made up of lots of muggle-borns who could not find a place in the WW, but lacked the proper education to succeed in muggle life.

Billie Wiggins is a girl. Not sure yet if she's a witch or a squib. (Also, I have not seen Sherlock series 3, so if Billie Wiggins is a boy, don't tell me.)

Greg is a muggle. Anthea is Anthea.

Harry Watson may or may not make an appearance, but she will not be a slobbering stereotypical drunk, nor will she be straight. She may or may not be interested in reconciling with Clara.

Molly will probably be a muggle, with her badass pathology skills.

Jim Moriarty will probably be a muggle, but with wizarding contacts, because his web does get everywhere.
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I really need to finish the kink-meme fills I've started. Like, really horribly badly need to finish them. Maybe once this semester is over with and I've got a good daily writing session set up.

BtVS/Dresden Files, for the DF Kink Meme )

On second thought, I might cut parts II and III and just start over from the end of part one. HMMM.


Feb. 5th, 2012 03:33 pm
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I just--ah, fuck this. I'll write fic when I've got my computer out of storage. Fucking escape button.
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One or two more flashbacks, some re-working the present day side of things before Voorhann comes in--I want Nick to find out about Renard ordering Marie's murder--and I should get things all set up for part 2 (because this fic apparently needs a part 2). So yeah.

Also, I am spelling Adalind Schade correctly! Whoo!

More fic~~~ )
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It's officially titled "Love Me Do" on the kinkmeme. Yay?

In which I think we will have the last of the flashbacks, possibly all in one go, and then I can move on to the present-day stuff. )

One more flashback should kill Nicolai off. That sounds so horrible, but if I don't I can't ever get to the Nick/Renard proper, so.

Languages used: Hungarian, Slovak, German, Romanian.
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(I have no idea when or where this fic will end! It's kind of fun!)

Hopefully some forward motion when it comes to modern-day Nick/Renard? I can hope. )

Holy crap, I'm going to break 7,000 words soon. Yikes!
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I seem to take this fic in scenes of four. Also, am loving writing Nicolai, he really is a little shit. Now it's time to start writing Nick, who is not really much of a little shit.

More fic, more fic, more Beatles lyrics, etc. )
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Title: Don't have one yet
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Pairing: Established Xander/Giles. I'm not very good at writing them, though I love them as a pairing like mad. Anyway, fic!

My Drunken!Giles Ficathon fic. Will let it stew overnight. )

Grimm fic

Dec. 11th, 2011 08:50 am
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Entirely crossovers. I've been reading fic all morning and I'm terribly punchdrunk from lack of sleep, so I'm going to try to keep these short. From the second set of [profile] joss100 prompts on LJ.

Cut for fic. )


Mahandra the slayer (WF)
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'Cause, y'know, I don't have enough prompts waiting to be written already....

#99--Writer's Choice )
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It's new and not one of my many in-need-of-completing WIPs, but it's still xxxHolic!

Title: In the Beginning, God said "Let There Be Lips!"
Fandom: xxxHolic/RHPS
Pairing: working on it; gen for right now
Rating: PG-13 (it's still got Rocky Horror in it, yo)
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Warnings: It's not necessary to know the plot or characters of Rocky Horror, but it would probably clear things up. Also, this is majorly Alternate Universe--all human, little to no spirits/magic/etc. Also, minor crossover CLAMP characters from things like Legal Drug, Tsubasa, CCS, Suki Dakara Suki.

This is based off live performances of Rocky Horror. The title's temporary, but I'm very tempted to either call it "Any Virgins In This Theater" or dig out my Audience Par-ti-ci-PATION album and comb it for quotes. This means lots of raunchy humor and sexual jokes.

Sort of a crossover. But not really. )
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Kurogane looked around at the assembled group. Doumeki held a pale girl with long dark hair in his arms; another young woman, pretty and with long pale hair, stood off to one side.

"I don't understand," the girl was saying. Her face had a girlish roundness still, for all that her eyes were old. "Shizuka-kun...."

"It's time this stops," Doumeki said, and Kurogane raised an eyebrow at the kid.
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I feel like I should be watching S4 of Buffy while I'm watching S1 of Angel. But I only rented Angel for a week, and I have to pay for it, so that can wait until/if I ever own it myself.

Anyway. Riley fic!

Riley POV, rough draft. )

Bah. I need to watch more of S4.
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