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It's new and not one of my many in-need-of-completing WIPs, but it's still xxxHolic!

Title: In the Beginning, God said "Let There Be Lips!"
Fandom: xxxHolic/RHPS
Pairing: working on it; gen for right now
Rating: PG-13 (it's still got Rocky Horror in it, yo)
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Warnings: It's not necessary to know the plot or characters of Rocky Horror, but it would probably clear things up. Also, this is majorly Alternate Universe--all human, little to no spirits/magic/etc. Also, minor crossover CLAMP characters from things like Legal Drug, Tsubasa, CCS, Suki Dakara Suki.

This is based off live performances of Rocky Horror. The title's temporary, but I'm very tempted to either call it "Any Virgins In This Theater" or dig out my Audience Par-ti-ci-PATION album and comb it for quotes. This means lots of raunchy humor and sexual jokes.

Sort of a crossover. But not really. )


Feb. 26th, 2011 05:30 pm
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Alternate universe, work-in-progress, future threesome 'cause I'm predictable like that, yada yada.

West, prologue. )

West, a while later, though how much later is still to be determined. )
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Watanuki had been closed off ever since Yuuko died--he didn't fight or bicker or complain the way he used to, and Shizuka wasn't quite certain what to do with this new person who inhabited his friend's skin. He knew from the passing of his grandfather and father that grief was never easy, and it doesn't dissapate with a sunrise; but then, he was on one side of that wall, and now he was on the other, and helpless to break it down. And he doesn't know if Watanuki would even want him to do so.

But he went to the shop every day, occasionally bringing news from Kunogi, and watched Watanuki stay still, among the frenzied energy of Mokona and the twins. Watanuki gave him small, strained smiles and learned to smoke and how to hold his liquor, and once or twice Shizuka had arrived to find Watanuki altering Yuuko's old robes and clothing to fit a still-tall, still-slender, but not quite so feminine frame. Shizuka thought briefly of teasing him about wearing girls' clothes, and decided against it. Maybe in another few months, he'd thought.

Shizuka finished high school and began college, and Watanuki settled more firmly into himself and the rhythyms of the shop.
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Work-in-progress, sing it with me!

Crossdressing Doumeki~~~ )

Adopted AU

Feb. 26th, 2011 04:41 pm
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I really need a title for this thing.

Adopted alternate universe, mostly xxxHolic. )
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Downpour, part the first. )

Why haven't I got back to this 'verse yet?
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I've been really tempted to do more with this, so here it goes.


"Our roof is leaking again, Mr. Landlord."

Watanuki sighed. "I'll see what I can do about it," he said, trying to keep a hold of his temper, "but you are a rain spirit, you know. I've fixed your roof five times this year."

The young woman shrugged, her gothic dress rustling with layers of petticoats. "It's still leaking," she said, "and that child might catch cold. You don't want that, do you?"

Watanuki thought of the Zashiki Warashi catching a cold. Not only would she feel miserable, the Ame Warashi and all of the Karasu Tengu would conspire to make his life a throbbing, migraine-ish hell.

"I'll look at it in a few hours, Ame Warashi-san," he said, bowing a little, before continuing down the stairs. He was just lucky, really, that the building was largely made of stone and concrete, or he'd have serious water damage and mold in that apartment, too.

He worked in this boarding house as the landlord-in-residence and superintendent. Thus, when the Ame Warashi's roof began to leak, or the toilet in the fortuneteller's flat clogged up, or the wiring didn't work in the Raijuu's lighting fixture, it was up to him to attend to it.

He was on his way down to the closet on the first floor, which held all sorts of cleaning supplies and tools and quick fix-it things like spackle. On the way he saw the Neko Musume, wearing less than usual as she headed out into the world; the oni from the second floor, who gave him a toothy grin and a wave; the vampire hunter (who gave Watanuki the creeps) passed him on the stairs and barely spared him a glance. Watanuki nodded and smiled at each of them. They were his tenants, his responsibility.

There was a boy at the bottom of the stairs, looking rather scruffy. A girl stood beside him, holding his hand in hers and looking around with interest.

"Welcome," Watanuki said. "This is Ichihara Yuuko's Condo's for the Odd and Impoverished. I'm Watanuki, the superintendent."

"Ah," the boy said. "I'm Syaoran. This is the Lady Sakura. Is there--do you have a place to rent?"
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That don't suck, but aren't super active, and which I'm unlikely to see here.

Cut for LJ communities. )


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