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One or two more flashbacks, some re-working the present day side of things before Voorhann comes in--I want Nick to find out about Renard ordering Marie's murder--and I should get things all set up for part 2 (because this fic apparently needs a part 2). So yeah.

Also, I am spelling Adalind Schade correctly! Whoo!

More fic~~~ )
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It's officially titled "Love Me Do" on the kinkmeme. Yay?

In which I think we will have the last of the flashbacks, possibly all in one go, and then I can move on to the present-day stuff. )

One more flashback should kill Nicolai off. That sounds so horrible, but if I don't I can't ever get to the Nick/Renard proper, so.

Languages used: Hungarian, Slovak, German, Romanian.
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(I have no idea when or where this fic will end! It's kind of fun!)

Hopefully some forward motion when it comes to modern-day Nick/Renard? I can hope. )

Holy crap, I'm going to break 7,000 words soon. Yikes!
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I seem to take this fic in scenes of four. Also, am loving writing Nicolai, he really is a little shit. Now it's time to start writing Nick, who is not really much of a little shit.

More fic, more fic, more Beatles lyrics, etc. )

Grimm fic

Dec. 11th, 2011 08:50 am
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Entirely crossovers. I've been reading fic all morning and I'm terribly punchdrunk from lack of sleep, so I'm going to try to keep these short. From the second set of [profile] joss100 prompts on LJ.

Cut for fic. )


Mahandra the slayer (WF)


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