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It had been years, and somehow she had missed them passing.

That was the thought running through Yuzuriha's head as she looked at the young woman on her doorstep--about her own height, but dressed in a fitted, conservative business suit, her hair no longer with a dyed tuft and her glasses smaller, and oval lenses. She was fidgeting, just the slightest bit, and her eyes were still cold and guarded.

"Yatouji-san," Yuzuriha said, for lack of anything else to say. "I'd--um--how are you?"

Yatouji was quiet a moment, as though searching for the right word. "Alive," she said at last.

Yuzuriha realized she was staring, and blushed. "Oh, I'm being rude--please come in. I can make tea...."

Yatouji was staring at her. There was a crack in her eyes, between the coldness and the wary look--confusion shining through like sunlight through blinds.

"You don't have to, Nekoi-san," she began, but Yuzuriha stopped her.

"Oh, I don't mind! Kusanagi won't be home for a little longer, and it's just me and Inuki, so it's no trouble--"

Yatouji reached out and caught her hand. "Nekoi-san," she said coolly, "don't you think it's unwise to invite someone into your home who tried to kill you?"

Yuzuriha blinked. It honestly hadn't occured to her; she had been so surprised to see Yatouji on her doorstep, she hadn't given that fact much thought.

"It was so long ago," she said, twisting her hand so that Yatouji's fingers were trapped in her own. "And you've changed, haven't you? You don't want to kill me."

"No," Yatouji said, "but that doesn't--"

"I'm not afraid of you," Yuzuriha said, and kept Yatouji's warm hand in hers. "It was a long time ago, and we've changed. Why do you think it would matter now?"
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I've been really tempted to do more with this, so here it goes.


"Our roof is leaking again, Mr. Landlord."

Watanuki sighed. "I'll see what I can do about it," he said, trying to keep a hold of his temper, "but you are a rain spirit, you know. I've fixed your roof five times this year."

The young woman shrugged, her gothic dress rustling with layers of petticoats. "It's still leaking," she said, "and that child might catch cold. You don't want that, do you?"

Watanuki thought of the Zashiki Warashi catching a cold. Not only would she feel miserable, the Ame Warashi and all of the Karasu Tengu would conspire to make his life a throbbing, migraine-ish hell.

"I'll look at it in a few hours, Ame Warashi-san," he said, bowing a little, before continuing down the stairs. He was just lucky, really, that the building was largely made of stone and concrete, or he'd have serious water damage and mold in that apartment, too.

He worked in this boarding house as the landlord-in-residence and superintendent. Thus, when the Ame Warashi's roof began to leak, or the toilet in the fortuneteller's flat clogged up, or the wiring didn't work in the Raijuu's lighting fixture, it was up to him to attend to it.

He was on his way down to the closet on the first floor, which held all sorts of cleaning supplies and tools and quick fix-it things like spackle. On the way he saw the Neko Musume, wearing less than usual as she headed out into the world; the oni from the second floor, who gave him a toothy grin and a wave; the vampire hunter (who gave Watanuki the creeps) passed him on the stairs and barely spared him a glance. Watanuki nodded and smiled at each of them. They were his tenants, his responsibility.

There was a boy at the bottom of the stairs, looking rather scruffy. A girl stood beside him, holding his hand in hers and looking around with interest.

"Welcome," Watanuki said. "This is Ichihara Yuuko's Condo's for the Odd and Impoverished. I'm Watanuki, the superintendent."

"Ah," the boy said. "I'm Syaoran. This is the Lady Sakura. Is there--do you have a place to rent?"
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I actually like this AU, although I'm not certain it's going to go the way I originally intended. Must get back to it one day.

And just think, somewhere there is Tomoyo being Kurogane's badass little sister. )
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That don't suck, but aren't super active, and which I'm unlikely to see here.

Cut for LJ communities. )


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