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I really need to finish the kink-meme fills I've started. Like, really horribly badly need to finish them. Maybe once this semester is over with and I've got a good daily writing session set up.

BtVS/Dresden Files, for the DF Kink Meme )

On second thought, I might cut parts II and III and just start over from the end of part one. HMMM.
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Title: Don't have one yet
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Pairing: Established Xander/Giles. I'm not very good at writing them, though I love them as a pairing like mad. Anyway, fic!

My Drunken!Giles Ficathon fic. Will let it stew overnight. )

Grimm fic

Dec. 11th, 2011 08:50 am
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Entirely crossovers. I've been reading fic all morning and I'm terribly punchdrunk from lack of sleep, so I'm going to try to keep these short. From the second set of [profile] joss100 prompts on LJ.

Cut for fic. )


Mahandra the slayer (WF)
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'Cause, y'know, I don't have enough prompts waiting to be written already....

#99--Writer's Choice )
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I feel like I should be watching S4 of Buffy while I'm watching S1 of Angel. But I only rented Angel for a week, and I have to pay for it, so that can wait until/if I ever own it myself.

Anyway. Riley fic!

Riley POV, rough draft. )

Bah. I need to watch more of S4.
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Don't know when there will be a part the second, mind.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG for now, that may change
Genre: Gen for now; that may change also
Summary: After things fall apart, you have to put the pieces back together.
Notes: Alternate Universe as of the end of "Grave"/S6. This will probably get long, but that's just a guess.
As a warning--this hasn't been beta'd, just proof-read. You've been warned.

All We Are We Are, 1/? )
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"You must hate comin' back here every night," Xander said quietly. Giles glanced up at his apartment door, resplendent with round decorative crosses, and took a deep breath.

"Sometimes," he said. "I--I thought I could paint it, maybe, to-to make it a little...." There really weren't words for it. He was still sleeping on the couch; everytime he got to the top of the stairs all he could see was an expressionless, beautiful face and empty brown eyes.

"Yes," he said at last, and Xander bobbed his head in acceptance. Giles' hands were still encased in bandages; he wouldn't be doing any painting anytime soon with his broken fingers.

Xander helped him inside--hovering, as he had been doing ever since the mansion. "You need anything while I'm here?"

"No," Giles said. "No, I--I think I'll be all right, Xander. Thank you."

Xander gave him a slight smile and another small nod, and turned to the door. He paused as he pulled it open.

"You know," he said, "Willow will probably be cleared in a week or two. Willow, me, Oz, you--how about a painting party? Six hands are better than none."

A smile--small, and hesitant, and still warring with grief and worry that wanted to drown him--spread across his face almost before he realized it.

"That--that would be nice," he said, and Xander gave him one more wave before the door swung shut behind him.


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