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'Cause, y'know, I don't have enough prompts waiting to be written already....

Buffy always liked the lights in Giles' apartment. He rarely turned on the harsh overhead lights--usually, if it was just Giles, herself, Willow, and Xander, he'd only switch on the lamps he kept scattered around his living room.

His new apartment--new to her, and he called it a 'flat' in that wacky British way--was very different from his place in Sunnydale. There it had had a loft bedroom, a cubbyhole of a kitchen, and vaulted ceilings. Here the ceiling was lower, the place split more decisively into two separate floors. The kitchen was open, with no bar separating it from the living room, and the hall led to a study and a bathroom that wasn't as large as his old one. The furniture was different, too--different bookcases, different couches, different desk, different paintings on the walls. The only things that were the same were the books, the records, and the dragonfly lamp on his desk, once more placed in his living room like he needed a desk in every room ever, just in case he had to research a new demon and the couch was simply too comfortable.

But she liked the dragonfly lamp. It was the only thing she recognized easily from Sunnydale--he'd sold or given away most of his other lamps, but that one he'd packed up and taken with him across the Atlantic. She leaned on the desk and ran her fingers over the soldered metal, rubbed her thumb over one purple wing.

"Your tea," Giles said gently. Buffy took it--orange tea with lots of sugar--and gave him a small smile.

"I'm kinda surprised you kept it," she said. "Must of been interesting, shipping it and hoping it didn't crack."

"Mm," he said. He took an Earl Grey kind of blend--Buffy didn't know anything about tea, but she could smell the bergamot oil, which was the only way she knew what it was. "Shipping was no picnic, that's true," he said. "The books were worse, if only because they were heavier."


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